Thursday, April 9, 2020

Day 6: Better Than Yesterday

Yes, yes, I know that I never published day 5, part 2.  That's because after hearing about Bernie Sanders dropping out of the presidential race, I felt downright horrid.  I mean, I expected that to happen eventually, but not yesterday.  The worst part is that Bernie is trying to help Joe Biden win by not dragging the Democratic nomination through the mud. 

The revolution is just one more step closer.

The official head shot from Bernie Sander's website
But yesterday actually ended well.  My very lovely husband went on a late night walk with me and our dog.  We found an empty parking lot surrounded by trees and took a casual stroll together.  One good thing about this quarantine is that my marriage is stronger than every.  My husband and I still enjoy each other's company, and are getting even closer since we're spending more time together.

As for today, I'm now authenticating users on my app, which is scary process since I haven't done this before.  I'm also figuring out which back-end database to use and structuring the data to use a person's username to separate everyone's information. 

I also watched "The Core" with my darling daughter.  Yes, we've both seen the movie before, but we both adore the character Rat.  You just have to ignore the glaring holes in the science if you want to watch the movie and have fun.  Today's the next to last day in her last spring break of high school. 

I have avoided the news today, because there is just such insanity out there that it boggles the imagination.   Two guys in Great Britain were arrested for licking their hands and then going around touching stuff in a grocery store.  Who does that???? I mean, seriously?

I hope to get real sleep tonight.  The dreams of being lost with severe anxiety do not a good night's sleep make.  Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow, but as long as I take it one day at a time I'll be good.

Take care of yourselves.

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