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Wordless Wednesday: Spring in my Front Garden

Book Review: "Slave to Sensation" by Nalini Singh

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh My rating: 5 of 5 stars Ignore the strange pink smoke and the crazy cover - this is not your mother's romance novel. I admit - I never really read romance or erotica before because every time I tried there was basically no plot, nothing to hold my interest. Then I found Nalini Singh and WHAM! Instant love! Ms. Singh writes two different series at the moment; "Slave to Sensation" is the first book in her Psy-Changeling series. I love these books because Ms. Singh creates an entire universe populated with believable characters. In this universe, the human race has split into three subgroups: regular humans, Psy, and changelings. The Psy have mental abilities, such as telepathy and foresight. Also, the Psy are all connected to each other through the Psynet. The changelings possess the ability to change into various animals, such as leopards, bears, and wolves. At the beginning of the novel, you learn that the Psy attempte

Coming out of My Closet

Today, I watched a video where Ash Beckham discussing coming out of the closet.  To paraphrase, everyone has a closet, something that they don't want to think about or say.  At least everyone has the potential to be in a closet.  It's easier to stay in the dark then come out into the light.  Here's the video if you want to hear how she explains it so well. I thought about what she said for a long time, and I decided it was time for me to be authentic. To come out of my closet, even though it may not be a shock for everyone. I am an atheist. No, that's not really the proper term.  You see, atheist means "against theism", which presumes the existence of theism and gods, lending credence to a concept that I don't believe in.  I prefer human secularist or (my favorite) a-pink-unicorn-ist. To be quite honest, religion just doesn't have a place in my life.  I live, love, and get along quite nicely without attending either Sunday School, church, o

Wordless Wednesday: Family Matters

My Great-Grandmother in her youth, Alberta Missouri Blair

Racist, Intolerant, Hate - Oh, my!!!

Just when you begin to hope that racism, hate, and intolerance are beginning to dwindle, the Terrible Trio sneak back into the limelight to remind everyone that people - for all our beauty, knowledge, and love - have serious potential for ugliness. In the news, Cliven Bundy, the cattle rancher from Nevada who illegally grazes his cattle on federal land, changed from local hero to zero when he wondered if (to paraphrase him) black people were better off as slaves.  To make matters worse, Mr. Bundy responded to criticism by stating (and I have to quote this): If I call — if I say negro or black boy or um um uh slave, I’m not, uh, I'm not, uh, if those people cannot take those kind of words and, and not be offensive, then Martin Luther King hasn’t got his job done yet. They should be to able to, I should be able to say those things and not offend anybody.  I didn't mean to offend them. Then we have Donald Sterling, the man who has left behind decades worth of ugliness.