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A New Year with Old Problems

Like many people out there, I felt surprised by how this year began.  On January 1st, the Pope slapped a woman's hand, an action that I feel was completely justified.  The woman grabbed him aggressively and he responded fairly but unexpectedly.  Then on January 2nd,  the U.S assassinated an Iranian general. (Side note:  I spent some time on Friday, January 3rd, wondering what would happen next.) I read the headlines a few times before learning more, because my brain could not comprehend that our country brazenly assassinated someone.  Especially someone from a country with which we are currently not on good terms. I realize that I've been in a funk since then, worrying about when a new war with Iran will begin. (Sadly, I think it's a 'when' question, not an 'if' question.)  I wonder why Trump picked out this particular man to kill.  I know that American media portrays the victim as a "bad" guy, but I also know that American media is extr