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Living in Uncertain Times

I know that no one can see the future.  I know that life throws curve balls at odd times at, basically, everyone.  But there is the normal uncertainty that we live with everyday, and have lived with everyday.  And then there is now. The uncertainty about tomorrow, next week, next month.... is so much greater partly because that uncertainty is being forced into our conscious thoughts, but mostly because no one with an ounce of common sense really knows what will happen by the time the pandemic ends.  The only certainty is that the American landscape will be different, probably vastly different, from what it is now. Most Americans will have less money, less stability in their lives, and more loans.  The wealthy will still be wealthy, but the not-wealthy will be much, much poorer.  The economy will have gone through turbulence, with even more fluctuating stock markets, small businesses closing, in-person businesses losing money, and even online businesses having problems because peop