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Subtitled Wednesday: Dum Spiro

I love short cartoons, especially those made by people and not companies.  I love the details, humor, and strangeness that doesn't have to fit in the commercial world. With that in mind, I present you with "Dum Spiro".  It has English subtitles, dialogue that sounds French and German, and a very tidy bear. Happy Wednesday! You're welcome. 

Freaky Friday News: April 18, 2014

Prelude Today, the world is in chaos.  Divers are still trying to find the missing people from the capsized ferry in South Korea, but hope dims with each passing minutes.  There is no hope for survivors from Malaysia Flight 370, only efforts to find answers.  An avalanche on Mt. Everest killed at least a dozen people.  The situation in Ukraine keeps getting worse, with anti-Semitic leaflets now adding visions of a new Nazi-like regime popping up.  Here in the U.S., studies show that every 65 minutes a military veteran commits suicide due to the lack of mental health care.  For those wondering, that means just over 61,000 vets commit suicide every year.   So today, I'm not covering these stories.  Instead, I searched for stories that show a bit of hope for the future, a future where humanity travels to the stars to begin a better life.  Stories about the weird and unusual here on earth, from new insects to some political comic relief. Enjoy.   Shuttle Discovery lift

Wordless Wednesday: A Cynical Look at America

Wordless Wednesday: Monkeying Around at Myrtle Beach

You Only Get One Chance...