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A New Romantic Murder Mystery from Alexandra Ivy

Kill Without Mercy by Alexandra Ivy My rating: 4 of 5 stars "Kill Without Mercy" by Alexandra Ivy presents readers with a simple sounding premise - a vet helps a woman deal with her past. But in reality, this book is anything but simple. The vet, Rafe Vargas, proves to be more than a man with a violent past. He's loyal to death to those who he cares about, but the flip side of that loyalty is a hatred of people who betray others. Rafe prefers to handle any situation alone, but he relies on his team with nary a complaint. He kills when he needs to, but he values life perhaps all the more because of those he had to kill. Rafe arrives in Newton, Iowa to clean out his grandfather's house, with the intention to get out of town as soon as possible. The woman, Annie White, wants to be invisible. After a horrendous childhood, she wants to be anonymous to the media and to the general public. But she feels drawn to Newton, Iowa to finish... something. Her arrival unfortu

Wordless Wednesday: Fire Hydrant Bursts in Subzero Weather

Wordless Wednesday: Human vs Gorilla Skeletons