Sunday, April 19, 2020

Day 15: My Ability to Even is Completely Compromised

Dog Tax:  Walking Titan Yesterday
I tried to find something happy to talk about here.  Well, something other than my daughter, who is handling herself with more grace and self-assurance than I expected.  She's a high school senior who's had her last year borked by this quarantine.  But with no prompting from either me or her Dad, she set up a study schedule for her schoolwork, using white board markers on the sliding glass doors to keep track of her daily tasks.

(Yes, you can use white board markers on glass.  But they're not visible enough, so we got her special glass markers, to be supportive.)

My daughter also set up activities with her friends, from gaming together to watching movies.  She's been taking the dog on walks, cooking dinner twice a week and lunch twice a week, and generally being a fabulous conversationalist.

I am so very proud of her; there aren't enough words to express how I feel.

But then I read the news and BAM!  Negativity worms its way into my life. 

I consider myself to be an optimist.  I put effort into finding the silver lining in every situation.  For example, I'm spending more time with my family because of the quarantine, which is awesome because I have an amazing family. 

And yet, I find myself agog at the sheer stupidity of our illustrious president as a whirlwind of negativity drowns out my natural happiness.

This past week not only compromised my ability to even, I can't odd either (It's a dad joke; I apologize.) 

The commander in chief, the man whose job is to enforce the laws on our country, is encouraging people to break the law.

Just think about that for a second.  It's like a police officer telling you that if you want to get somewhere faster, just speed!  The speed limits were created by the Democrats and liberals to compromise your liberties.  So speed away!

I can't even think about cutting the funding to the WHO, because I know that is a diversionary tactic that Trump's using to keep the public from thinking about his latest disaster.  I also can't think about how Trump keeps trying to turn the presidency into a dictatorship, though to be honest, with the Senate and Mitch McConnell refusing to do their freaking jobs, it feels like we're living under a dictator and not a president.

It feels like the revolution is getting closer and closer, and the chances for a bloodless revolution are growing smaller and smaller. *sigh*

Anyway, take care of yourselves out there, and stay safe. 

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