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Racial Profiling in America

First, I owe you an apology.  I have lived in a figurative House of Plague this past month, as an influenza and cold-type virus invaded at the beginning of the month, working their way through everyone.  I'm finally over the worst of it. Michael Brown - in a photo uploaded to Facebook by a friend I've been reading about all the problems in Ferguson, and I find myself deeply troubled over the entire situation.  Morally, I believe that Officer Darren Wilson tremendously overreacted when he shot Michael Brown after talking to him for jaywalking.  I cannot express the level of overreaction; no one deserves to be shot or even threatened for jaywalking . As for the Grand Jury refusing to indict Officer Wilson of any crime - I read that as one of two possibilities, either one bad.  The first possibility is that all of the people on the jury are prejudiced and/or biased against black teens, and feel that the officer did nothing wrong.  The second, and perhaps scarier possibil

Wordless Wednesday: A Picture Worth A 10-Day Suspension

Jaime Pereira and her boyfriend, Tito Velez of Taunton, Massachusetts The world has gone crazy in Massachusetts.  These two kids took this picture at Ms. Pereira's house, left the airsoft guns there, went to homecoming, came back, and then posted the picture on Facebook.  Note that the airsoft rifles never went either to homecoming or the school, or even close to school property. The school system's response? A 10-day suspension for each student, because... “What it's about is a couple of students engaging in an activity that created a total destruction of the school day,” Superintendent Richard W. Gross said. "They're juniors in High School, and it's proactive and they should know better and it scared students." How exactly does a picture posted on Facebook destroy a school day?  Does it spawn little Facebook soldiers that march into the building with air-powered pellet rifles?  Does it magically remove time from the clock?  And what kin

Election Day - Please Vote

Today is the national election day.  Everywhere, the fate of our country is being decided by people who take the time to go and vote. I hope you are one of the deciders. If you are uncertain as to where to vote, go here and enter your address. Just please go vote.  We need all the deciders that we can get.