Thursday, October 4, 2012

To FB or Not To FB, That is the Question...

Here's part of the header for my Facebook timeline.
Lately, I've read a lot about Facebook and the problems facing both the company and the website users.  I wonder if I really want to maintain a Facebook account, given the continually changing security, advertising schemes, and odd "experiments" such as Facebook asking people to rat out their friends.  I decided that I need to look at this entire problem in a new light, so  I am creating a list of pros and cons.

Pros for Staying at Facebook:

  • My lovely friends and family - I have a LOT of friends and family on Facebook, mostly people who I want to keep in touch with, but who I would not be connected to otherwise.
  • My Blog - Facebook allows me to publicize my blog and (hopefully) the novel I'll be publishing next year.
  • My Writing - Covered in my blog.
  • We Grok - I started a small company where I help people with social media.  I think I need to stay on Facebook if I want to sound and be authentic.
  • Cobb County School District Unofficial Community Page - I started this page for residents in Cobb County to discuss the school district.  I love reading people's different opinions and views on local topics.

Cons for Staying at Facebook:

  • Security - Facebook sucks at security in general.  No, they are not the worst company in history, nor are they the best when it comes to keeping their users' information private.  
  • Changing notifications - Facebook keeps changing notifications on a random basis.  I dislike the random nature of the changes the most, because I never know when a change occurred until I discover that someone sent me a message that I never received.
  • Snitches - Facebook did an "experiment" for a few months where they asked people to verify the real names of their friends.  
  • More Snitches - People have been using Facebook to "tattle" on their friends in real life.  I realize that Facebook cannot control this behavior, but I still find it repulsive.
  • TMI - This acronym stands for "too much information", and sometimes that's how I feel about Facebook.  
  • Trolls, Trolls, and more Trolls - I find more trolls on Facebook that anywhere else.  If you don't agree with my opinion, either learn to say so nicely or just keep your mouth shut.
Laid out like this, I realize that I will stay on Facebook, regardless of the security problems, TMI, and trolls. It all boils down to the people in my life.  I have too many family members who use Facebook, too many high school and university friends, and too many people I know in Marietta to let the cons keep me away.  Of course, if everyone wants to move to Google Plus, I'd be willing to friend you there. :-)


  1. I closed my personal FB account almost a year ago - haven't missed it though I did have a couple of days of withdrawal. It's all the melodrama that drove me away.

    Given that fact that you have a company that covers social media, that might be the main reason you'd want to keep going on FB.

    Congrats on being that close to publishing your novel! If and when I ever do publish one myself, I'll have to think about possibly opening an author account on FB...or I may just stick with Twitter and blogging.

    1. I have figured out how to avoid a lot of the melodrama on FB, but I still find the entire experience annoying at times.

  2. Hi Kathryn

    I do agree with you about the cons of Facebook. That's why one of my friends have created a close group for all my former schoolmates. We can chat, post pics without worrying about prying eyes.

    We did have one fake user who posed as one of the gals. Luckily, an alert member ousted this imposter before any damage was done.

    Congratulations on your new novel and have an awesome day!


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