Friday, October 5, 2012

Art: "COOL!" by Philo Yan

The other day on Google +, I met a very talented artist named Philo Yan.  She said "Hello" and sent me a link to her pencil drawings.  I must admit, I love how she uses color to capture the moment.  I asked her if I could share my favorite one, a frog hanging from a small branch.  Philo nicely agreed to my request, so here is the picture, "COOL!".

A blue poison dart frog hanging from a small stick

Cool color coded dudette, 
Awesome colors look at that! 
Hanging loose, fancy free, 
On a little tiny tree, 
Grassy greens, 
Trickling streams. 
KatFrog shares this post, 
Such a generous host!

To see more of Philo's wonderful drawings, visit here.

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