Saturday, April 4, 2020

Day 1: Life in Quarantine

We are living in historic times right now.  The U.S. is basically closed down, with companies furloughing millions of employees and a medical system that is struggling to cope.  In the future, I hope that people will look back here and wonder what it felt like to live in such a tumultuous time.  In the interest of future historians, and for my own mental health, I decided to document my life here.

Cool Beans marked their floors with blue squares to let people know where to stand to maintain the proper distance.

During the week, I develop phone apps to (hopefully) help people.  My current project is called Just Another Shopping App, and I finally have version 1 in beta testing.  That means that my wonderful son is using it to go grocery shopping and telling me what works and what doesn't work.  Focusing on programming helps me to ignore the rising panic inside of me every time I hear something from the federal government.

Before Trump became president, I listened to the news and read the Washington Post regularly.  I like knowing what is going on both locally and internationally.  I've cut back on my news consumption considerably because I need a break from the complete selfishness of the current administration.  But with the pandemic, I feel the need to learn as much as possible to about COVID-19 because knowledge is power.  Plus I feel the need to separate the facts as we know it from the fluff that people are spreading in panic and fear. 

For example, ibuprofen does NOT cause worse symptoms, no matter what people on Facebook say.

My dog after a lovely walk outside
Back to my daily routine... I'm also taking my dog, Titan, outside on walks in places other than my neighborhood. Why? Because my neighborhood has a lot of people with dogs and small children who are walking around all the time.  If I take Titan somewhere that sounds more social (like the trail in downtown Marietta), I actually run into fewer people and there is more room for social distancing. 

So I spend an hour or so every day walking around, talking to my dog, listening to either music or an audio book, and enjoying the sunshine.  It's a nice mental break as well as a good way for me to get some exercise.

It does feel strange.  Until quarantine started, I spent my days alone at home, with only my dog for company.  Now my husband works from home and my daughter schools from home.  I am getting accustomed to this, which means when the quarantine is over I will miss them both.  Well, I'll miss my husband.  The school system is finishing the year online, so no more in person school for us. 

You matter.  Unless you times yourself by the speed of light squared. 

Then you Energy.
- Neil deGrasse Tyson
 That's all for today.  I hope that you are doing okay. Remember, take care of yourself.

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