Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Book Review: "Of Introductions and Abductions" by Robert Dahlen

Of Introductions And Abductions (Monkey Queen, #1)Of Introductions And Abductions by Robert Dahlen
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"Of Introductions and Abductions" brings us a new young adult series called Monkey Queen. The author, Robert Dahlen, based the Monkey Queen off the Chinese legend of the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, opening up a fantasy world involving Chinese beliefs and legends.

The story's protagonist is a young lady named Beth McGill, a student at Cooper College and an acknowledged geek. She loves all things sci-fi, fantasy, Doctor Who, and Dresden, and she misses having anyone to discuss her passions.

Through a quirk, Beth comes to the attention of the Monkey Queen, who needs Beth to help her save
the world, plus Beth's favorite professor. At first, Beth hesitates but then she decides to try. No commitments, just taking once chance.

I will tell you no more of the story, because you need to read it for yourself to understand the appeal of this book. The author refers to modern culture and mixes in some ancient Chinese legends to create a wonderful new place to explore. Beth learns about herself, about the world around her, and about friendship. The Monkey Queen learns that it's better to have Beth on her side. And everyone learns that guinea pigs are awesome!!

This novel is a light, fun read filled with hope and optimism. It's a nice change of pace from the current heavy and dark books out there. I recommend "Of Introductions and Abductions" to everyone who wants to kick back and enjoy a good book.

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