Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy Tuesday! July 22, 2014

Okay, so the world is again a crazy place to be.  The Middle East continues to be a violent area with wars between, well..., everyone.  The European Union faces more challenges in how to handle the situation in the Ukraine, because no one wants to start another war on Russian soil.  But it almost feels as though Putin is banking on people's unwillingness to war to push the situation as far as he can - and then push a little more.  As for the United States, between the TSA producing security theater to compensate (figuratively), the NSA spying on American citizens while trying to spin the invasion of privacy as a good thing, the government not taking care of our soldiers and veterans again, and GM recalling so many models of car I'm surprised whenever I see one on the road...the US is messed up.

So today, we're going to step back from the negativity and look as some funny and heartwarming news.

First, the funny.  Last week, some police in Kentucky arrested a 29-year-old man for shoplifting $35 worth of beer.  The intoxicated suspect went into the holding cell when he (allegedly) conned the police into making a phone call. Using his cell phone, the man contacted the local pizza delivery service and prank ordered food for the police officers, under his own arresting officer's name.  The pizza arrived, the police paid for the order (not realizing it was a prank), and then someone figured out what happened.

Oops. To put it mildly, they were not amused.

So the now-sober 29-year-old man faces more charges from his prank call; charges that are worse that what he was originally arrested for.  Maybe this guy can get a clue on how to prank from seniors at a Santa Barbara High School in California.  They hired a four person mariachi band to follow their principal around as a farewell gift (prank).  The principal took it in stride, enjoying the bank as they played for an hour and a half.

On to a bit of Internet helpfulness...

Eight days ago, a man asked reddit users for help.  You see, his wife gave birth to their daughter several weeks earlier, but the baby girl never left the NICU, dying before seeing the light of day.  The father only has pictures of his daughter with tubes and such.  He asked for help photoshopping or otherwise removing the tubes from the picture, so he and his wife would have one picture of her without medical trappings.

Here is the picture of the baby girl that the man posted:

Here are two of my favorite responses:

from funkybrewster on reddit

from ChangingYang on reddit

These two photos are a tiny sample of the dozens from people who took the time to help this man and his wife have one normal baby picture.  

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