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Book Review: "Midnight Blue-Light Special" by Seanan McGuire

Midnight Blue-Light Special (InCryptid, #2)Midnight Blue-Light Special by Seanan McGuire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"Midnight Blue-Light Special" dishes out a new helping of Verity Price and the Cryptid society of Manhattan. While I enjoyed the first book in this series, the second book knocked my socks off. Gone are the discussion about weapons and tango; instead Verity tries to save her people in Manhattan (and by "people" I mean the Gingerbread men and dragons, gorgons, and other cryptids) from the evil Covenant of St. George.

Three questions haunt Verity for most of the book:
1. What is her relationship with Dominic?
2. What will she choose - dancing or protecting cryptids?
3. How will she save the cryptids?

During the majority of the book, Verity waffles over whether or not she can trust Dominic, and what she's going to do with Dominic regardless of his choice. Dominic himself appears sporadically in the story, telling Verity what he can and leaving her clues to things he cannot in good faith outright tell her. I must admit, I found Verity's waffling over Dominic a bit much after about half the book, because Dominic sent what seemed to me to be clear signs of his honesty and trustworthiness. But I also know that emotions make people paranoid, and Verity comes across as someone who is in too deep, emotionally speaking.

The career decision is more of a background question that Verity contemplates during her infrequent down time. Verity loves dancing, and has loved dancing for her entire life. But Verity also feel a responsibility to the cryptids, to her friends and colleagues. I love how the author presents this choice, where Verity will lose something important whatever she chooses.

As for saving the cryptids, I will be silent, because I had no idea how Verity would keep the Covenant from beginning a purge and either destroying all the cryptids in Manhattan or forcing everyone to abandon their homes. I must admit, the answer was not something I expected.

If you enjoyed the first book, I think you will be even more pleased with this sequel. In general, I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy.

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