Sunday, November 11, 2012

Zombies Wars!


It is a period of civil war. 
It is the Election Season of '12.
Zombie lovers, striking from hidden ballots, have won their first victory 
against the evil Living Empire. 
During the election, zombie spies managed to infect dead politicians,
 getting them elected by a pathetically unaware general public.
Now pursued by the Empire’s sinister agents, 
Earl Wood and Charles Beasley races home 
aboard two decked out RVs, 
custodians of the zombie political hope,
the only thing that can save their people 
and restore freedom to the dead….

This is a dark time for the rebellion.
Although the zombies won local elections in Florida and Alabama,
Living troops still pursue zombies through swamps and forests.
A third member of the Zombie Party rose up during the elections,
Charles Darwin, the scientist behind the Theory of Evolution.
He won more than 4,000 votes in a Georgia federal contest.
but Darwin lost to Representative Paul Broun.

Can the Zombie recover and get elected to the Federal government in 2014?

Or will the Living Empire crush the Zombie Rebellion forever?

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