Saturday, November 24, 2012

Goodbye, Facebook! So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Well, the time has come.  Last week, Facebook sent out a mass emailing explaining to its users how the policies and procedures are changing.  Basically, the people at Facebook decided that we don't need a voting system to approve or disapprove policy changes.  Instead, they will implement policy changes and leave us a suggestion box to use if we don't like the changes.

A suggestion box - with no guarantee of an answer, any answer to suggestions.

Sigh.  They are also changing more things, but I quit reading after I deciphered1. the first bit of text.  It's fairly obvious that Facebook doesn't care what its users want, and that we are not on the list of priorities.  I am not that surprised - Facebook did start as a website to rank college girls.   It just happened to turn into a social network.

But now I must cut ties to several people in my life.  I have a step-daughter with a new baby boy who I don't hear from other than through Facebook.  I have several cousins (I'm looking at you, Craig!) who I hear from consistently through Facebook.  High school friends, college friends, even people I've met along the way - all of them I connect with through Facebook.

But ...  I value my information, and I am tired of making Facebook money when I get treated like a second class citizen.  Maybe even third class.

Fair thee well, my Facebook friends!  I hope to hear from you on Google.

1I use the word "deciphered" because the email and supporting website are written in purposefully deceptive terms, and it takes time to read what's there.


  1. It's been close to a year since I left FB. Haven't missed it; haven't looked back. I actually didn't do it to escape FB's tyranny, but the oppressive forced-closeness with people I don't know well. People I like, I keep in touch with in a multitude of ways (even if it's only once a year). People I don't like, I got rid of along with FB. ;)

    Hope you'll be able to get those dearer folks in your life to join you elsewhere!

  2. Are the changes that bad that you'd leave Facebook because of it? I haven't exactly read all of what they sent to my e-mail. I'll have to peruse it now.


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