Monday, November 19, 2012

Crows are Smarter Than We Think

Here's a short video clip of Betty, a very intelligent crow, using tools to get food.

Do you think that the crows will inherit the earth after humans? Or do the dolphins have first dibs?


  1. Funny you should post this...a hunter friend of ours got a doe on our property this morning. He gutted it and left the offal, and as soon as he left the crows came in (since the Turkey Vultures are mostly migrating now), and hubby and I had a conversation about the intelligence and stealth of crows. :)

    Now they need to do research on which species of crow is the smartest!

    Dolphins may have the upper hand as any major catastrophe that affects us will likely affect land (and air) creatures equally, but dolphins might be better protected by water (unless the catastrophe affects the water first or as well).

    1. My son added that he votes crows because dolphins have not yet been shown to use tools. ;)

    2. Actually, dolphins have been found using tools in the wild. Check out And while it's a few years old, this article - - lists the 8 best animal tool users.


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