Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Want You to Want Me...

"Remember to take care of yourself.  As a mother, you need to be first in order to be there for your children.  It's like they say on airplanes; always put your oxygen mask on first, then help your children get theirs on." 

This piece of parenting advice is found everywhere these days - and I don't disagree with it.  In reality, mothers typically put their own needs dead last on their priority list.  And one of the biggest needs the women leave unfulfilled is the need for physical contact.

By physical contact, I am not referring only to sex.  I mean the daily touches that help cement the emotional bond between you and your partner.  Holding hands, a quick back rub,  even a gentle touch as your partner walks past - all of these let you know that you are wanted, needed, and loved.  And, for all the people out there who do enjoy sex, the daily touches turn into a kind of foreplay.

So don't be afraid of PDAs* - they help everyone feel more physically connected and emotionally satisfied.

* public displays of affection


  1. Funny you should mention PDAs. Hubby and I aren't into it, but we noticed that while the couples we knew who were always holding hands in public or kissing each other goodbye in front of other people (we do it only when it's just our family around) are the ones who are now divorced, whereas hubby and I are still happily married. Sooo, even though we don't do PDAs, I guess we're doing something right. ;)

  2. Oh, that's not to say I don't enjoy physical contact...I'm definitely a hugger and I like to touch my friends on the arms when I'm talking to them. :)

    1. I've heard that 8 hugs a day are the minimum for general happiness. My hubby and I aren't huge PDA people, though we do hug, hold hands, and sometimes kiss in public.

    2. 8? Hmmm, maybe that's my problem: I think we're only at 6 per day. LOL! Guess I'll have to hug the kids more. ;) I used to hug the kids all the time, but they're not so amenable to it now that they're teens. They don't mind too much, but they're very stiff about it.


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