Friday, December 30, 2011

Nara-Fuji Road & The Trip Home from MA

By Steve Frenkel, 2009

We arrived home from Massachusetts a day ago, and this picture describes how I felt during the car ride home rather accurately.  While it took us 19 hours to drive to Plympton, MA, it took us over 23 hours to drive home.

Why?  Blasting in Virginia, construction in South Carolina, and Godzilla in Pennsylvania (because there was no other reason for us to sit on the road forever there).  The delays added between three and four hours onto the already too long drive time.  Luckily, the kids kept themselves entertained as I tried to sleep off the medication and infection (see previous blog post for details).

Now, I slog through emails and snail mail, trying to figure out what I want to do in 2012.

First, I decided to post on my blog daily again.  I like presenting my ideas, thoughts, and such to the world, even though I know not everyone agrees.

Second, I will have at least one novel on Amazon by the end of the year.  Actually, I want to have my NanoWriMo novel on Amazon by July, and a vampire novel on there by December.  Wish me luck, folks!!

Third, after coming up with 30 picture book ideas, I want to follow through on a few of them and see where it leads me.

Fourth, I want to experiment more with cooking and food.  I am *so* excited - we have a real butcher in our neighborhood now!!!  Currently, I'm looking for recipes with rabbit in them.

Fifth, I want to read more.  I enjoy a good book (or a great book, even a mediocre book).  This year, I want to finish about two books a month.

So, does anyone else out there have any New Year Resolutions?

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  1. Good luck and you go!! I hope you accomplish all your resolutions!

    My main goal is to be (re) published. It's been too long since I was last saw a by-line. I used to write poems and stories for kids' magazines, but I would like to be published in the adult SF genre this time around. And if I can get SFWA membership, I'll be totally ecstatic!


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