Book Review: "Magic Binds" by Ilona Andrews

Magic Binds (Kate Daniels, #9)Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I like reading book series, but too many times I stop mid-series because either:
- the characters stop developing,
- the main character devolves into a simpler version of himself/herself,
- the author clones the plot from one book to another,
- a book plot jumps the shark, or
- the author seems tired of writing the series and it shows.

None of those conditions apply to the Kate Daniels book series. In fact, Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews went beyond all my expectations. In this story, the authors show Kate struggle with her dark side while providing a new, unexpected story arc that continues from the previous eight books and leaves the reader wanting more story NOW.

The book begins with Kate and Curran asking Roman to officiate at their wedding, a scene where we catch a glimpse at just how powerful the laid-back, funny black volhv truly is. This next scene begins innocently enough, but ends with Kate learning that her father kidnapped Saiman, the demi-god who Kate once counted as a sort-of friend. The action, adventure, introspection, and intrigue burst into life here, as Kate runs around trying to figure a way to save Saiman, learn how to cope with the land she claimed, but most importantly save her family from the utter destruction known as her dad.

If you've never read a Kate Daniels book, you can start here but I guarantee that you'll go back and read the first eight. I suggest you get a copy of "Magic Bites" and go from there.

This book is definitely 5 stars out of 5, maybe even 6 stars out of 5 because the authors made a series continue to be entertaining well after the first three books.

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