100 Words of Comedy

I joined a new site called Imzy. Here I found lots of communities for writers, including one called 100 Words. Each week, they send out a prompt and then you can respond with 100 words related to said prompt. This week's prompt is comedy, and I like what I wrote so I decided to share.


"Grandma! Get out of there!”

“Sorry, honey, but I need to see how comfortable this is.”

Celia hid her face in her hands. Why, oh why, had she agreed to take her grandmother on her errands today?

“Too hard,” Grandma Culpepper sat up as she rendered judgement. “I swear, you’d think people would be more careful and considerate about this stuff. Now, give me a hand, child.”

Celia helped her grandmother out of the black coffin. “Grandma, people in coffins are usually dead, and don’t generally care about how comfortable they are.”

“And that’s their mistake. I don’t want back problems in my afterlife. Here, let’s try this cedar one next.”

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