Women Get Harassed In Public Restrooms

Earlier this week, I watched a video where Aimee Tom discusses a situation where some strange woman yelled at her for being in the women's restroom.  Why?  No one knows with complete certainty, but it's probably because the woman mistook Aimee for a transgender man.  Aimee brings up a multitude of good points, so I suggest you watch the video and then continue reading.

Now, I admit I'm not a conservative and I truly don't care which bathroom a person uses.  I may not understand what it feels like to be transgender, but I also don't understand what it feels like to be a man.  But I still accept both transgender people and men.

Sadly, as I was looking for the original video to include, I found two other videos of egregious behavior.  In the first one, a man attempts to follow a woman into the ladies' room.  When she confronts him, he leaves but only after he blames her because she was wearing a man's clothes. 

This second video is even worse. Some mall cops bully a girl into leaving the restroom because they will not believe that she's a girl. They never say why, but I'm guessing because she's wearing gender neutral clothes and has a low voice. The idiots even have the gall to ask her if she has ID, as if you need ID to use a restroom!!!!!


Let me explain something.  I understand that a bunch of these conservatives are worried because they think that a man wants to go into the ladies' restroom to watch women pee.  But a transgender woman is not a man dressed in drag - that would be a cross-dresser (or transvestite, for older people).  A transgender woman is a person who is female and who happened to be born with a penis.

When a transgender woman goes to the restroom, do you know what she wants to do?

  • Check and maybe fix her hair.
  • Check her makeup.
  • Apply more lipstick or lip gloss.
  • Gossip with her friends about how the evening is going.
  • Apply perfume.
  • Wash her hands.
  • Change her baby's diaper.
  • Feed her baby (if there's a chair available.)
  • Use the toilet.
In other words, a transgender woman wants to do exactly what other women do.

And for all of you judgmental, fear-mongering jerks?  What does it say about you that you think it's your right to judge how 'feminine' a woman must be to use the ladies' room?  What does it say about you that you assume someone would assault someone in the ladies' room?

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