I'm Baaaack!!!!

Hello!  I just returned from two weeks in Florida, the Sunshine State.  It rained every afternoon for 4 - 5 hours.  As for escaping the heat at home, Georgia has had one of its mildest Julys in history - only 2 days above 90F, where as the average is 15 days.  Florida got over 90 regularly.


The family and I did have a fantastic time just hanging out, playing Flux and Chez Cthulhu at the table and Excite Trucks on the Wii.  The kids went swimming every day, usually coming home when the pool got closed because of rain.  (Oh, the irony of that!)  

I ignored news for the past two weeks, ignored emails (I had over 700 new emails in my inbox!), and generally ignored everything online.  Now, my head is exploding with information overload!  George Zimmerman was found not guilty??!??  Anthony Weiner pops up again? (Pun intended)  A new royal baby boy? Plus storms, heat waves, explosions, unrest in Egypt, and general insanity.

As I attempt to get my head back in the game, I leave you with a fun video - Matt Mulholland covering "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk using a looper.

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  1. Darling cousin! I hope you had a lovely Florida vacation. I'm so glad to hear about your fun in the sun. We had a nice one too. Now that school has started things seem to be settling down. I have been having fun with my goodreads account and slowly but surely finishing Laurel K Hamilton's book. I have a house party on this coming Saturday but if you want to get together for breakfast to talk story I have been waffling over Nano again. *hug* Glad you are well.


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