Book Review: "Frost Burned" by Patricia Briggs

Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson, #7)Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs
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Patricia Briggs released "Frost Burned", the seventh book in the Mercedes Thompson-Hauptman series, Tuesday of this week. I read the entire book that day, and I'm still flying high from happiness.

The book begins with Mercy taking Jesse, her new step-daughter, out Black Friday shopping at midnight. They get into a car accident, try to call for a ride, and discover that the wolf pack has been kidnapped. From there, Mercy runs around trying to keep Jesse safe, find and rescue Adam and the pack, unravel the mystery of why the bad guys kidnapped her pack, and clean blood out of the back seat of the local Vampire Queen's Mercedes AMG that Mercy "borrowed".

Ms. Briggs pulled this story together well, with a logical twist to the ending, believable character development for all the major players, and excellent supporting characters. Ben, the London wolf with a seriously messed up childhood, gets to play hero for a bit, and Kyle proves that you don't have to be a werewolf to be tough. Stefan shows up to help out, and Mercy helps him get more back to normal. There's even a crossover character from the Alpha and Omega series!

I love how a few of the chapters switch from Mercy's point of view to Adam's point of view. I'm not certain how the story would work otherwise, because the reader would have to hear Adam explain what happened to Mercy instead of living through the events with him. I think this also signals that Adam is as much the protagonist of this story as Mercy, and I hope Ms. Briggs continues with this in the next book.

Overall, I love "Frost Burned", and I recommended this book both to anyone whose read this series and to anyone who loves urban fantasy.

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