Reading Challenge for 2013

It's no secret - I love to read.  I read young adult books, adult books, fiction, nonfiction, biographies, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and poetry.

As soon as I learned about the website Goodreads, I joined and started to track my reading habits.  If you haven't heard, Goodreads lets you keep track not only of what books you've read, but also your opinion about them.  I also get a lot of good recommendations about new books to read.  I never would have picked up a book by A. Lee Martinez if not for Goodreads and a book review written by my friend, Tara.  Now, this man is one of my favorite authors - I just bought two more of his books with some Christmas money.

Goodreads also holds a yearly Reading Challenge.  It's quite simple, you put in the number of books you want to read during the year, and it keeps track of all the books you mark as "read"  during the year.  Last year, I signed up to read two books a month, or 24 books in the year.  I hit my mark relatively early, so I up the goal to 30 books, and I made that one with a total of 31 books read last year.

This year, I am setting my goal at 24 books again.  Partly, this is because I have to find 24 books that I haven't read yet that I want to read.  Plus, two books a month seems like a reasonable goal.

Will you join me with a reading challenge?  How many books do you want to read this year?


  1. Part of me says, hey, I can read 2 books a month too! The other part of me says, yeah, right, maybe 20 years ago, you can read 2...even 5...books a month. Realistically, given all that I've managed to heap on my plate, I would be lucky to read 1 book every 2 months. *sigh*

    I love Goodreads! I love getting your, and my other friends', reviews and notices. :)

  2. I've won a few books on Goodreads. They have constant book givaways.


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