Happy New Year!! Some Advice and Ramblings...

Happy New Year!

The older I get, the faster time seems to fly.  I realize that's because as a little kid, a year was a significant percent of my life.  But as a mid-40s woman, a year just isn't that long, comparatively speaking.

I know a lot of people make resolutions this time of year, but I wonder how many people think about the word, "resolution".  The denotation is that you publicly state your resolve to accomplish a task.  But I think that the connotation of this word has evolved over the years to mean something different.  When I hear people talk about resolutions, the conversations have a feeling of procrastination about them.  Maybe I've watched "Star Wars"  too many times, but I feel very Yoda about things.

Do or do not; there is no try.

So someone who says, "My New Year's resolution is to try to lose weight/save money/pay off credit cards/get into shape..."  I wonder why try?

I do have a few things I will do starting right now.  First, I have a bad habit of staying up late at night, and then wanting to sleep in.  I am a natural night owl - I would much rather stay up late then get up early.  But I have 5 more months of getting up early for an elementary school kid, and then we are done with elementary school forever!  (I almost feel as though I'm graduating from fifth grade.)  So starting today, I am following a bedtime.  Just don't tell my Mom - she gained more than one grey hair trying to get me to follow a bedtime as a kid.  She may not believe it if you tell her I'm following one voluntarily.

Second, I will smile more this year, and look for the funny side of the situation.   This world is filled with so much hatred, violence, and evil that sometimes I feel as though this entire endeavor, living, is a waste of time because any singular person, me included, cannot fix it all.  But I do believe that learning to smile in the face of such bleakness is a start, so smile I will.

Third, I will continue my campaign of small, random acts of kindness.  Maybe if more people looked for ways to be kind, there will be less hatred.

Does anyone out there have something they are changing this next year?  Please share it with me, if you want to.

As always, I hope that this year is even better than last year.      

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