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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Today is my Dad's 75th birthday.  In honor of today, and the fact that he always jokes that he was born in a barn, I wrote him a poem to commemorate his birthday.

Born in a Barn

In the middle of the night,
by the light of noon,
A rooster jumped up,
Started playing a spoon.

The hens joined in
On the old, rusty saw
Then the pigs jumped in
With a screech and a caw.

The horses stood up
And danced a foxtrot.
A fox sneaked up
To dance the robot.

Cows shook hands saying
“What a fine bloke!”
While the ox began
To play his yoke.

He put it to his mouth
To blow like a horn.
The farm celebrated ‘cause
Chris Yoder was born!

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!!!!


  1. Cute poem. :) Happy birthday to your dad! He's the same age as my dad (who turned 75 back in June).

  2. On your Birthday, I wish you to have the PARTYOPEDIA courage to live at least one more dream, fulfill one more wish and make one more person's life beautiful.


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