Book Review: "Smite Me, Oh Dark One" by Steve Thomas

Smite Me, Oh Dark OneSmite Me, Oh Dark One by Steve Thomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Smite Me, Oh Dark One" by Steve Thomas is a short story about the stupidity of gods. Or the stupidity of humans. Or, well, something like that.

The narrator of the story is Acerbus, the God of Darkness. He seems to be the only power with any common sense at all. Lux, the God of Light, leads the other gods to perform some fairly inane actions, while Acerbus stands there wondering how he ended up in this particular funny farm.

In the end, Acerbus gets his own bit of revenge.

I love the humor in this story, especially the characterizations that Acerbus gives of the other gods and humans. It's a quick, funny read, perfect for a rainy day.

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