Growing Orange Seeds

Orange Seeds in a wet paper towel
Day One
We grow things at my house.  In the front yard, we built a large flower garden, with several types of flowers that grow and bloom from February to September.  On the front porch, we currently have one planter with sugar snap peas, a second planter with a potato, and a third planter with bell peppers.

Last week, I decided to try germinating some orange seeds.  To that end, a special "orange seed" container was created.

I took a 20 oz. plastic bottle, washed it out, removed the label, and cut off the top.  Then I took several paper towels, folded them to be almost as tall of the bottle, then rolled the paper towels up to form spiral.

Finally, I put the orange seeds between the outermost layers of the spiral, and added enough water to fully wet the paper towels.

The picture shows what is all looked like on day one.
I'll add picture here as the seeds germinate. 

Wish me luck!


  1. I tried this with grapefruit seeds a few years ago and it worked, so yours should too! There's something very satisfying and happy about germinating seeds, isn't there? :)

    1. Did you grow grapefruit trees?

      Yes, I agree - there's nothing quite the same as germinating seeds. :)

    2. They got as high as about a foot and then hubby said I should get rid of them so they don't spread diseases in case they have diseases. :P

      I'm going to try it again and this time, because we have no more indoor citrus trees anymore anyway, I'll keep it indefinitely if it works out!


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