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Greetings, Earthlings!

As 2016 rages on, with climate change, the weirdest/longest/meanest/stupidest presidential election, the Syria war, refugee crisis, overly eager police shooting people, ISIS attacks, terrorist attacks in Europe, ...  To be brutally honest, I have avoided blogging lately because it's just too damn depressing to look at the news.  Or even glance out of the corner of my eye at the news.

I even refuse to turn on NPR unless I'm certain it's not a news program.

So I did a bit of introspection and gave myself a pep talk, 
"Kathryn, just because 2016 sucks doesn't mean you can't write a blog. You like finding the quirky and/or happy news for Fridays. Just find something other than the regular crap to discuss the rest of the week."
I decided that I'm going to try a new blogging schedule:

  • Monday:  Odds & Ends - I recently joined a site called Imzy, where I started a writing community/personal blog.  In it, I discuss interesting factoids and other food for plot bunnies.
  • Tuesday:  Review Day - I will review books, movies, video games, T.V. shows,... 
  • Wednesday:  Wordless Wednesday
  • Thursday:  The Grecian Gambit - My daughter loves all things Greek, especially stories about Greek gods.  One day, we discussed a fun story about a writer accidentally calling/conjuring a Greek god.  This is that story, written one part at a time.
  • Friday:  Freaky Friday News
I don't have anything definitely planned for the weekends, but I hope to find a funny picture to pass along.
My wonderful daughter, six years ago

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