Random Thoughts on a Random Sunday

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You may not understand that while I am a writer, I get as much enjoyment and satisfaction from programming in Python or throwing together web pages with HTML 5 and CSS as I do from writing a new chapter in a novel.

I can be a Grammar Nazi, but I also tend to make up words when I feel none of the existing words will do.

I believe algebra and the algebraic method needs to be a mandatory part of education because of the logic needed to solve problems. 

I love learning from classes, but I also think life teaches us lessons everyday. 

I believe that we as a society can learn from history, but I also believe that society tends to ignore history and just make the same mistakes over and over. 

I believe in neither heaven nor hell, but I believe that we are made of star stuff, and that our essence is that of the universe. 

I believe that people need to live every day as if they will die tomorrow, but I also believe that everyone needs to plan to live to be at least one hundred. 

I believe it is simple to be kind to one another, but easier to be nasty, explaining why so many people choose the latter option.

Mostly, I believe in wearing sunscreen and brushing teeth, because wrinkly, dried skin and a full set of dentures sucks when you're one hundred.

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  1. That was truly lovely! Thanks for sharing (and I agree). :)


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