Holiday Wishes

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I picture kids running downstairs and opening up the perfect present when I think about wishes.  Like last year, when my son received a set of lockpicks from Santa and then went around trying to unlock every door in his grandparents' house.  Or when my daughter received a soldering gun from Santa and started to build circuits.

(By the way, we are such a geeky family, you might actually find our pictures on under the word "geek".)

But I also think about people who have very little and only wish for clean clothes with no holes in them, or a nice, hot meal that doesn't come out of a can.

As I've grown older, the term "wish" takes on new meaning.  I stopped wishing for presents for me a long time ago, and started wishing for presents for other people.  Sometimes I wish I had enough money to buy something big for a friend of mine, or to help one of my kids' friends.  Other times, I wish I were Queen of the World For a Day, so that I could mandate a lot of common sense everywhere to bring about real peace and prosperity.

This year, though, I wished to turn our back bedroom into an office space for me.  Previously, the back bedroom has been the "I don't know where to put this" storage room of the house; everything from our Bowflex machine to holiday decorations to random art supplies ended up in the room.  Well, last weekend the entire family pitched in and cleaned out the room.  Three car trips to Goodwill and over 12 bags of trash later, we have an empty room.  Then, my dear husband went out and bought three new desks - one for me, one for him, and one for our daughter (who needed a new one).  This past week, he spent every night building new desks and rearranging the back bedroom and the upstairs.  Today, he's installing an overhead light and running Ethernet to the back bedroom as now it becomes.... a new office!!!

I will be sharing the office with my dear husband, who works from home on Fridays.  But I will have my own space to write blog posts, write novels, edit my work (ugh!!), and generally do business.    The best part is - I don't have to wait for Christmas to get my holiday wish!


  1. Post a photo of the room when it's done! Maybe I'll be inspired by you and start some decluttering of my own. I should revamp my art/craft room so that it can be my writing room too.


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